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  • Check out the interactive demo for the new website! Be sure to leave feedback on the forums if you like or dislike what you see!


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    What is a good website without a great community, right? Well, for that reason, we have decided to implement clan tags. All users are invited to join us in placing the following tag before our in-game aliases: [CHC], while it is in no way a requirement.

    Help support the website by wearing the tag in your favorite games and kicking ass. When asked about your clan tags, tell them that you are a valuable part of an epic website with an awesome line of comics, sweet blog and forums, and a kick ass podcast on the way! After that, drop the link (www.CriticalHitContent.com) and encourage them to check us out. To help encourage the use of tags, we have decided to implement the following on-going feature:

    All users that send in a screenshot of themselves, from any game, sporting the above tag will have their submission uploaded to a special album in the gallery. Users can take screenshots of their score or have a friend take a screenshot of them, anything works as long as the tags and your name are visible. Submissions are to be placed in the appropriate topic, which has been made a Global thread, meaning it can be found at the top of every forum. Just look for the topic labeled “Clan Tags” and reply by posting your screenshot!

    In addition, a Steam Community group has been created and can be found here:

    All users are encouraged to join, as it is an open group, and invite their friends to join and sport the tags as well.

    So, get in game, slap on those tags and help make this the best damn site on the net!


    Thanks to our own Shadowshard, CHC now boasts its own Ventrilo server for community use. Considering the 25 man limit, known community members and admins will take preference. For more information, including the necessary hostname and ip, visit our forums.
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  • ThePh3nom/Cold Glare (TF2)
    Owner: Gallery Administrator
    Added: 18 Jan 2009, 19:47
    ThePh3nom & Cold Glare sporting the [CHC] tags in Team Fortress 2!

    Corey (COD:WAW)
    Owner: Gallery Administrator
    Added: 18 Jan 2009, 13:18
    Corey sporting the [CHC] tags in Call of Duty: World at War!

    Corey (COD:WAW) #2
    Owner: Gallery Administrator
    Added: 18 Jan 2009, 13:18
    Corey sporting the [CHC] tags in Call of Duty: World at War!

    There are no images uploaded yet
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  • Added by: JosefVStalin @ 02 Mar 2009 17:02
    Dawn of War II Review.
    My Dawn of War II Review is up. Check it out to see my thoughts on this game even if your not an RTS fan, because this game will still appeal to you. Anyway its on Youtube again, videos still won't embed. But, head on over and Empire Total War is next. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWhWHqvZ9h4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6-lmX8El_0

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